Antigua Island

Antigua Island is one of the majors that make the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. And this makes it one the most travelled destinations in the world. It is at Antigua Island that you will get to see the parts of the bet of the Caribbean. We talk of the turquoise blue waters, the white sands and the vegetation. It is also at Antigua Islands that you get the beach ocean views as well the top Caribbean villas. That being said, it is an island that is definitely a place you need to be making plans to travel to.

Reasons to go to Antigua Island

  • At Antigua Island, you will find affordable accommodation. However, this does not mean that it lacks in other areas. Despite the fact that the accommodation is affordable it also comes with luxury, style and comfort.
  • There are divers’ activities that all who visit this island can take part in. and all these activities make sure to the caterer to who indoor lovers and those who just love being outdoors.
  • Antigua Island is a tourist-friendly location, that offers all who visit the island mountains, fields and beaches for the ultimate Caribbean experience.

Where to Stay at Antigua Island

There are a number of villas that those who visit Antigua Island can stay at. All these villas make sure that you get value for your money. The villas on this island offer their guests dining in styles, comfortable beds for resting as well luxury that is beyond their wildest dreams. The villas at Antigua Island even got the extra mile to make sure that you have the best Caribbean island experience. This is as some of the villas will offer you a chef, a housekeeper, a butler and even a security guard at times.

To add on to that, these villas are able to cater to both small and large groups of people. They are spacious for large groups of people to make sure that everyone can breathe and have a lovely time.

Villas at Antigua island can also cater to any occasion, be it you are these to a wedding, a birthday celebration. Be it you are there with work colleagues or you are there with your significant other for your honey. We can promise you that you will find the perfect Antigua Villa to stay at.

Some of the top villas include:

  • Jolly Harbour #049
  • English Harbour #048
  • Lime Hill Villa
  • The Carib House
  • Galley Bay Heights Villa #35

What sets Antigua Island Apart?

Antigua Island is like no there island in the Caribbean. The island will give breath-taking views of the Caribbean that you will not be able to get at any other hand. The mountains that are on the island are great for outdoor activities like hiking. While the clear blue waters are perfect for fishing and kayaking. And for those who just love to be indoors, the villas will offer you in-house theatres, entertainment rooms as well as libraries where you can relax.