Belize Island

Belize Island is part of the most luxurious island destinations in the Caribbean. The island will give views of the Caribbean that you have never seen before. We talk of levels of comfort and relaxation that are out of this world. Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can have peace of mind, then we suggest that you visit the Island of Belize in the Caribbean. Moreover, since we have suggested it to you, we will walk you through what you can expect as soon as you get there.

Reasons to Visit Belize Island

  • Luxury accommodation. If luxury is what you are looking for in a Caribbean holiday site, then we suggest that you Belize Island. An accommodation that you will get when you visit is very luxurious as well as comfortable. And to add on to that, it is very affordable.
  • Privacy is guaranteed. When you vacation and stay at the top villas on Belize Island, you get all the privacy that you could ever want. There will be no one to disturb your peace and silence unless if that is what you want. Company is around, do not get us wrong, however, when you want to be left alone, you will be left alone.
  • The holiday destination of Belize island offers accommodation that accommodates large groups of people. Therefore, if you are planning on visiting with your friends and family we can guarantee you that you will find a top Belize Villa that can meet all your needs. Such that you will get all the time together that you need as well as enough space so as not suffocate each other.

Where to Stay in Belize Island

We have talked much about the accommodation that is offered on Belize Island. Such that by now, you want more about these top villas. Well, you see the villa that you can stay at on Belize island will give you the best views of the Caribbean. To add on that, as we mentioned, they also offer you privacy, luxury, comfort as well as style.

Lastly, the villas are made in such a way such that you can relax. This is they come with staff that will make sure that all you have to do when you get there is juts chill out. Some of the staff members that come with the villas on Belize Island conclude a housekeeper, a laundress, a chef, a butler, a manager and security. While some villas may come with all some staff members, some may not.

Top villas to stay at Include

  • Cayo Espanto-Casa Solana
  • Thatch Caye
  • Royal Belize- Private Island
  • Cayo Espanto-Casa Brisa
  • Cayo Espanto- Casa Manana

What sets Belize Island Apart?

Belize Island offers all who visit amazing outdoor activities like snorkelling, diving, parasailing amongst other exciting water sports. While for those who love being indoors, the villas come with in-home theatres as well as entertainment rooms.

Belize island also offers fantastic underground tours, as the island come with a series of underground caves.