Caribbean Group Villas

Be it you want a great place for family time, or a business retreat or its juts you and your friends who want to relax and chill.  We give you the Caribbean group Villas. These are villas that are great to have time as a group. You will get all the time that you need to spend with each other as well enough time to be alone with your thoughts. Caribbean group villas are fun and affordable, not forgetting amazing as well.

Caribbean Group Villas

Cove Spring:

The villa gives its guests all that they could ever need. The guests can relax by the pool or work out in the gym. You also have the option of watching a movie in the on-site home theatre. But best of all, you have to lift a finger as the staff is there to cater to all your needs.

Elsewhere Villa:

Looking for a different place to hang out and have some group fun? Somewhere private, secluded and luxurious. Then try Elsewhere Villa, we can guarantee you that you will not regret being there.

One Perfect Day:

Don’t think that after spending a day you will be kicked out. One Perfect Day Villa makes sure every day that you spend here is perfect. Offering you a modern interior with an oceanfront view.

Nevaeh Villa:

If luxury is what you look for in a Caribbean Holiday, then you have it right here. Neveah Villa is what they mean when they say we give you luxury in abundance.

Sand Dollar Estate:

Is staying in a mansion what you want on holiday? Then you should definitely book the Sand Dollar Estate. It’s amazing and it even has a private room just in case you just want to have some quality time.

Casa Varnishkes Villa:

A perfect place where you can have some group fun and relax at the same time. At this villa, you are guaranteed as outstanding experience that you will forever cherish.

A La Mer Villa:

After having arrived here, you will find it hard to return to real life. Why? Well, this is because this villa is a little slice of heaven. The staff makes sure that all that you want and need is made available you within just a  few minutes.

Santosha Villa:

This is the perfect getaway for a Caribbean Group holiday. As you get here, you can’t help but feel like royalty with the private tennis courts, basketball courts, pool, gym, and a media room.

Coconut Walk:

Experience luxury in its finest form at this villa. Guests can see the ocean from almost everywhere in the house. And the décor is made up of contemporary furniture, a grand piano as well as a huge tiled pool.

Vista Chavon 13:

Magnificent and elegance are words that can be used to describe this villa. Guests will be welcomed by a beautiful courtyard as well as lush gardens and fishponds. Making sure that you get all that you need you to have a cook, a housekeeper, a gardener, and a waiter.