Caribbean Corporate Retreat Villas

The company is not just the boss, but it is the boss and the employees. The boss gets the work, and the employees get the job done. Therefore, as the boss, you need to reward the hand that works. Bearing that in mind, we have a few Caribbean Corporate Retreat Villas that you can take a take your employees to for a private getaway. Do not worry about the cost, as we can guarantee you that affordable is the understatement of the century.

Best Caribbean Corporate Retreat Villas

Thatch Caye:

This amazing Caribbean Corporate Retreat Villa houses about 30 people. It is the perfect casual and relaxation destination, located along the Belize Barrier Reef.

Anii Villa Estate- Dominican Republic:

14 spacious bedrooms make up the gorgeous Anii Villa Estate. With services like a spa, laundry, butler, chef as well as activities and sightseeing.

Arrecife 23/24/25 Estate:

3 different estates make up the Arrecife 23/24/25. Each made up of luxury and perfection. The perfect destination, that holds up to 30 people located on Punta Cana.

Golden Clouds:

The perfect place to have some team building activities as you and your employees are on a retreat. With a tennis and volleyball court, plus more than 10 different suites. We are sure that you will have a great time here.


Exquisite does not even begin to describe Sanzaru. With 11 suits that each come with their different interior and décor. It is an excellent place to wind off and have a great time with your employees.

Vista Chavon 7:

So you want to spend time with your employees and at the time give them their own space to relax. We recommend the Vista Chavon 7. It is the perfect blend of luxury and voluminous space.

Lazy Heart Villa:

The perfect place to laze around and have fun. Those who came here can testify that ultimate relaxation and peace of mind was what the last Hear Villa gave them.

Anii Villa Estate:

Anguilla: Luxury, an oceanfront view, and 5-star amenities are what you will get at this Corporate Retreat Villa in the Caribbean. With activities like swimming and snorkeling to add icing to the cake.

Casa Sunshine:

The best traveling destination for a large group of people. The Casa Sunshine villa houses up to 20 people with services like the spa, chef and cook services, and a butler.

Villa Arrecife 24/25:

Villa Arrecife 24/25 are two villas that give you 9 amazing bedrooms. The two villas will give you 2 private courtyards, and 2 pools. With each of the rooms having a TV, air conditioning, a private bathroom as well as a walk-in closet.

Yarari Royale:

Modern architecture is what the Yarari Royale boats off. With 9 bedrooms that can house up to 20 people. Beauty with a modern touch of luxury is guaranteed here.

Capri Villa:

Five-star standard is what the Capri Villa is, if there was another star to give, we would. Because this is one of the best places to have the perfect company retreat.

Cerulean Villa:

“Cerulean” means heaven. And that is what you will get here. The Cerulean Villa gives you gourmet breakfasts, a great spa treatment, water skiing to mention but a few.