St. Barts Villas

St. Barts is one of the many islands in the Caribbean.  The full name, however, is Saint-Barthélemy Island. It was just called St. Barts, in short, to make it easier to pronounce. Anyways, whichever way that you call it, it is one of the most amazing islands in the Caribbean. St. Barts is an island that you need to make sure that you visit. And we have the perfect places to stay at while you are there as well the range of activities that you participate it.

Why Visit St. Barts Island

  • Luxury and glamour are but a few things that you will get when you visit St. Barts Island in the Caribbean. And if you are longing for crystal clear waters as well as sandy beaches, then you will find all that and more on this island.
  • There are amazing activities that you can take part in. even if you are one who really does not like the outdoors, there are quite some activities for you as well.
  • The accommodation that as offered there is to die for. If you are looking for value for your money, then we suggest that you sat one of the top St. Barts villas. You will see, as you stay there that fairy tales do happen and reams are not meant for those who are sleeping. As you are literally both the dream and the fairy-tale at the same time.

Where to stay in St. Barts

At times when we vacation, we are only given a few hotels and guest houses to chose from. Some of which may be substandard. But since you are already there, you just settle. However, when you get to St. Barts, choice luxury, style and comfort are what they strive for.

There are more than 400 villas that you can choose from.  All of which whose rating starts from 3stars and above. The gold standard is what they aim for at St. Barts Island Villas and Resorts. To make sure that you enjoy your stay.

Some of the top villas that you can stay at include:

  • Blue Horizon
  • La Corniche
  • Abby Villa
  • The Source
  • Angelique

What sets St. Barts Apart?

So, out of the more than 5000 islands that are in the Caribbean why on earth should you vacation at St. Barts island? There are quite a number of things that set St. Barts Island apart from the other islands in the Caribbean.

St. Barts is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean. However, as we all know, dynamite comes in small packages. That being said, St. Barts as small as it is, is one of the tops travelled destinations in the world and it is especially loved by the rich and famous.

On St. Barts island you get to have both privacy and interaction. The manner in which the activities are arranged allows that you have your private and time, at the time meet and mingle with other tourists. We talk of luxury living as well feasting and dining on the best cuisine in the world.