St. Lucia Island

St. Lucia is an island found in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It is on this island that you can have the full Caribbean experience. For the activities to the sites, you can find all this and more at St. Lucia. Therefore, if you thinking of taking a holiday or juts a trip, we would highly recommend this island. And since we have recommended St. Lucia’s island, we will also give you the activities you can partake in as well as the best resorts in the island.

Top Reasons to Visit St. Lucia Island

  • Of you are looking for a place to stay in the Caribbean that is affordable, ten we definitely suggest that you visit St. Lucia Island. As the accommodation, as well the activities to partake in are very affordable.
  • Privacy guaranteed, and if another thin on holiday to the Caribbean checklist is privacy, then St. Lucia island is the place to be. This is as this islands offers quite a number of private villas for the guests.
  • Luxury, style and comfort guaranteed. As much as the accommodation is affordable, it does mean that it lacks luxury, style and comfort. All the villas that you can stay at there are perfect blend of these entities. And if luxury was the 3rd thing on your checklist, then we are sure by now you are just wondering where it exactly that you be staying.

Where to Stay in St. Lucia’s island

There are about 47 state of the art villas that you can stay in when you visit St. Lucia’ s island. All of which were made to make sure that you get the best of the Caribbean experience ever. We talk of the beachfront villas that give you the best ocean views in the world. We talk of villas that can accommodate both large and small groups of guests. Therefore, be it you visit to the Caribbean is for a family holiday, a wedding, a honey, and even a business tip. There is villa that will have all that you need and more.

The service that you will get will make the VIP standard seems like it is lacking. As it goes beyond all the common VIP standards. To make sure that you get uttermost peace and relaxation some of the villas will go as far as providing you with a a chef, a housekeeper, a laundress, a gardener, a butler , a manager and even a security guard. Therefore, all that you have to is relax and chill out as enjoy St. Lucia’s island.

Some of the top villas that you can stay at include:

  • C’est la Vie Villas
  • Zattara House
  • Paradisso villa
  • The Harbour #217
  • Brise De Mer

What sets St. Lucia Apart?

Due to fact that St. Lucia is located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, guest will get experience the diversity of the region. From mountains, to beaches, to volcanoes as well rainforests, you have all this and more when you visit the island. As for the activities, they range from hikes, scuba diving and sailing to mention but a few.