St. Thomas Island

St. Thomas island in the Caribbean is part of the islands that make up the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). There are three islands that are part of the USVI, Namely, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, which is out topic of interest today. St. Thomas is quite a fascinating island that we would highly recommend all who have never been there to spare a few days of vacation to visit. It is on this island that you will be able to have peace of mind as well as relaxation.

Reasons to Visit St. Thomas Island

  • If luxury is what you are longing for in a Caribbean vacation, then we would highly recommend that you visit St. Thomas island, as luxury accommodation is what they specialize This is all to make sure that you have the best stay ever.
  • Privacy is another thing that valued as well when you visit St. Thomas island. Therefore if you are looking for a few hours or a day alone, then you better start packing your bags and booking your flight to St. Thomas island.
  • Thomas island is known as the gateway to the USVI, therefore the island has a lot that it has to offer, that’s why you need to be there. And just for your own information, a one day trip just won’t cut it. As we have already said that the island has a lot to offer.

Where to Stay at St. Thomas Island

There are quite a number of villas that you can stay at when you visit St. Thomas island. Each of these villas is a spot that allows you to see both the beauty of the island as well as the beauty of the Caribbean as well. Furthermore, the villas that are offer state of the art amenities to make sure that you have the most luxurious stay ever.

Lastly, the best part about the villas is that they are able to cater to both large and small guests. Alongside this is that they are able to cater for any event that you would like to have at this island, be it you want to have a wedding or just a small family gathering, we can guarantee you that views are just amazing and that you will be well taken care of.

Some of the best Villas to stay at St. Thomas Island include:

  • Sea Star
  • Blue Serenity Villa
  • Magens Hideaway
  • The Ritz Carlton Club Condo
  • Sand Dollar Estate
  • Infinity Villa

What sets St. Thomas Island Apart?

If you are looking for the best island in the Caribbean to go snorkelling, then we would gladly suggest that you visit St. Thomas island. This island has the best snorkelling spots in the world. There are also amazing beaches with crystal blue waters. Talk of the amazing scenic views and as peace of mind and tranquillity. St. Thomas is the perfect getaway as it gives you the best little slice of heaven.